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Become the teacher you wanted to be the day you realized that is your purpose for being here!

Teachers need to be ready for everything and anything. My idea is to do something different. While you teach a disabled person, they too should get a chance to teach others. Believe it or not, they have so much creativity within them, but the most important piece of them that most of the world is missing is Love without judgement. They can teach us how to NOT let society change them but to show society it needs to change. Just as teacher's can show and teach information to expand these invaluable minds, so too, can they show us all what we miss on a daily basis. I say that because let's face it, we see a mess but they see beauty. What they can see is a world that does judge them yet they don't judge others, but only see the goodness in people.


Maybe it's just me but I have seen the intelligence they can help us with just as teachers can show them a world that they absolutely long for. Its a win win all around. Perhaps many don't understand or want to give them the time to teach others what they see and how they see it but if given an opportunity I am positive there will and can be a huge change in a world where you only see the goodness in things instead of judgement and sadness. I am betting that if given the opportunity to share how they manage to walk through life and not once judge a person or assignment but can tell people how they view these things perhaps they can be the change that we all want to be.



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