Boston Teacher Leadership Summit

Engaging NBCTs as Leaders for Student Growth & School Improvement Using Online Coaching

National Board Certified Teachers are trained as virtual coaches for Resident Teachers in years 1-3 using a private, local TEAMS platform on


The goals of this program include: to enhance and to develop the practice of the untenured teachers so that they become more effective, address their formal evaluations with confidence and professionalism, learn to navigate the complicated and complex teaching profession, and, of course, improve student learning in their classrooms.


Another goal of this program is to give the NBCTs an opportunity to become change agents in the district without leaving the classroom. Most of the NBCTs in our district are leaders in their disciplines spearheading initiatives, new classes, after school clubs and activities, and teaching professional development classes. This program aims to open up opportunities for accomplished teachers to enhance Resident Teacher practice through video, reflection, and peer support.


NBCT Coaches watch videos from Resident Teachers and provide feedback aligned to the Danielson rubrics and National Board Standards via a local and private platform on


Our vision is to create an immediate goal of National Board Certification for all of our new teachers by having them work with NBCTs and think about National Board Standards in their practice from the very start.



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