Fall 2014 Campaign

Hybrid Teacher Leadership Role

Hybrid teaching positions retain effective teachers in classroom positions, while providing them leadership opportunities, and keeping them from succumbing to burnout in high-poverty situations. When teachers leaders leave the classroom they sometimes lose the immediate teacher perspective, as well as credibility among teachers who are "in the trenches." Hybrid teachers retain their teacher perspective and can advocate for teachers and students among administrators and policy makers to make real and lasting positive changes in public education.


At Westport Middle School in Louisville, Kentucky, we have implemented two hybrid teacher positions for math and English language arts. Each teaches 2-3 hours a day, and then serves as the school instructional leader for their content. Leadership may include school-wide RtI progress monitoring, organization and allocation of all school resources for instruction and assessment, teacher support/feedback, development/ implementation of initiatives, creation/facilitation of professional development, compliance with school, district and state systems requirements, and two-way communication between administrators and teachers to refine school systems and improve school culture. Our kids come from one of the poorest zip codes in the nation, we do not-- per district requirements for our school-- practice selective enrollment, and we have seen impressive gains in ELA, where I have served in the hybrid role for 3 years.



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