Summer 2014 Campaign

"New and Improved" Teacher Induction Program

I am developing a powerful Teacher Induction Program. Though based on Iowa's approved program: Journey to Excellence, I have created a "new and improved" program to better meet the needs of our beginning educators, mentors, administration and ultimately, the student! The program's intent: to create a qualified teacher who meets the Iowa Teaching Standards (ITS) through a variety of learning projects. An additional goal is to make the standards live for the beginning educators and create a reflective portfolio. First, mentors’ initial training ranges from coaching, collaborating, and consulting methods to planning and reflecting, problem solving and goal setting conversations. Second, monthly observations and videotaping will align ITS to the Characteristics of Effective Instruction (CEI) through dialogue between the mentor and beginning educator. Third, further discussion in a Forum will be administrator led in response to their video tapes in identifying evidence for ITS and CEI. In addition, implementation of our school’s initiative, Authentic Intellectual Work, will also be incorporated for understanding and application. The beginning educator, the mentor, the administrator, and I, as the facilitator, will share leadership roles throughout this program. Optional coursework includes state education association courses in ethics and classroom management. Through this program, the mentors will help their beginning educator become a qualified teacher.



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