Summer 2014 Campaign

Re-design of Middle School Computer Science program

I am working on re-designing my middle school’s computer technology course offerings. I pitched the idea of changing our CS program to be focused on computer science, programming, and electronics instead of the use of computer applications. For our required sixth-grade intro to tech class, we’ll include a unit on computer programming and data. For elective seventh- and eighth- grade classes, we will now offer two courses. One is Computer Science, which includes computer architecture, information management, Javascript programming and algorithms. The other is Electronics, including circuits, electromagnetism and energy, electronic components, and Arduino programming.


I’m selecting big ideas and essential questions, and mapping concepts to standards from a variety of sources. CS and Electronics are not well represented in our state standards, which makes this challenging! I have a rough outline of units for each course. It will look very different from the way we’ve done computer science in the past, and the goal is to increase access and interest in computing for all students - particularly groups of students who are usually underrepresented in CS. Early, positive experiences with computing are key, and we need to provide this.



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