Summer 2014 Campaign

Teacher as an Advocate

As an NBCT, one of our roles is being an advocate for quality instruction and the needs of students to a variety of stakeholders. I often hear from colleagues is what does advocacy look like? At times I have seen it take on an “us against them” situation as evidenced by the comments I heard from teacher leaders that ranged from administrators trusting us as professionals to telling administration to back this is the way it should be.


I am a principal and NBCT and I may naively see myself as an instructional leader. I believe in quality instruction and strongly support teachers. I want teaching to be seen as a true profession. But as I sat in this meeting I struggled to sit quietly listening in this room of talented professionals and try to understand their point of view. I wondered… have I crossed over to the dark side… does my staff see me as one of these types of administrators that just doesn’t get it.


For days I struggled with my feelings about this meeting. As a teacher and administrator, I have worked for difficult supervisors/administrators. It comes down to relationships and communication. Providing a online professional development model so they can have successfully be an advocate in adversarial and non-adversarial relationships for their students and profession. This model would be supported by a professional moderated interactive blog site for confidential support when developing an advocacy plan.



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