Summer 2014 Campaign

UnCommon Planning for Higher-Level/Common Core Instruction and Assessment

Uncommon Planning brings together cross-curricular, cross-school, and cross-grade level teachers to collaborate around higher-level (can be Common Core) instruction and assessment. The program focuses on developing "emerging teacher leaders" - effective teachers who might not enjoy formal leadership roles but want to contribute to and learn from a broader conversation about high-level teaching.


We started in the 2012-13 school year by seeking teacher recommendations from several Charlotte-Mecklenburg high-school principals. Using strategies learned through NAATE (National Academy of Advanced Teacher Education) and America Achieves, we planned three Saturday morning sessions focused on investment/lesson planning, formative assessment, and summative assessment. Discussion protocols, video lesson review, student work analysis, and consistent follow-up were all integral to the sessions, as we utilized the knowledge and skills of our teacher participants as the main vehicle for the learning.


As we continued with a new cohort in the 2013-14 school year, we offered our initial participants the chance to facilitate sessions incorporating new teachers, including middle schools, into the program. We are currently in the process of deciding the future of our program with regards to focus and scale, as we are dedicated to remaining classroom teachers. For more information, please contact Joanna Schimizzi ( or Rob Leichner (



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