Winter Campaign

Rethinking Clip Charts: Through the Eyes of a Student

It is no surprise that the topic of classroom clip charts has proven to be controversial for students, parents and educators alike. While clip charts offer a visually appealing tracking system for behavior in the classroom, what do they really tell us? I make it my mission to focus on the positive in the classroom so upon implementing a behavior chart I was not one to use the bottom half. Instead of clipping down in ...more »

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State: north dakota


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Spring Campaign

Balanced Classrooms

Like students, teachers are being assessed with a one-size fits all mentality. Not all classrooms are balanced in terms of ability, income, language proficiency, emotional stability, and behaviors to name a few. Yet, teachers need to reach the same levels of achievement whether their students attend 180 days a year or 80 days a year. Many classrooms have disproportionate percentages of student demographics and needs. ...more »

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Winter Campaign

Reverse role modeling.

If a class is having poor behavior moments, I take a minute to reverse the role modeling.I sit at a student's desk, and allow a small group of students to stand up as the teachers. There assignment is to get me to write my name on a piece of paper. While they're trying to teach me to do this, I display actions that they use. Sometimes I also give role modeling action cards and have small groups display the wrong behaviors ...more »

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City: West columbia

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