American Education Week

In celebration of American Education Week , Nov. 17-22, we'd like to hear how you will engage parents, education support professionals and community groups in teacher leadership efforts.

Campaign: American Education Week

Teacher Leadership and Salary Points

I would like to propose the tying of teacher leadership positions to the district's salary point scale in order to improve teacher retention. For example, if you work as a lead teacher or a department chair (and are able to provide evidence that you made an impact at your school site), you could earn salary points. This would heighten the prestige of the teaching profession, create an incentive to take on leadership positions ...more »

Submitted by (@chommeyer)

City : Los Angeles

State : California


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Campaign: American Education Week

JumpStart Kindergarten

I have implemented a program at my school called JumpStart Kindergarten. The program is designed to reach students before they come to school. It involves teachers, parents, school staff, and other stakeholders in preparing students and parents on what to expect when attending school in K. The program has been successful at my school as well as four other school I have began the program! Early intervention through JumpStart ...more »

Submitted by (@mekawilhoit)

City : Morristown

State : TN


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