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The Importance of Talk Time...for Students!

Collaborative conversations, text-based discussions, literature circles, Socratic seminars...these are a few of the buzz word strategies that have been used throughout the ages in order to engage students in learning. Providing opportunities for students to discuss rich fiction or expository text in a productive way is a great way to aid them in digesting the hefty standards they are expected to master. When students ...more »

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Boston Teacher Leadership Summit

Making Complex Text Accessible Through Effective Collaboration

As a Title One, English Language Learner (ELL) magnet school, we have always been challenged to raise the expectations for our students in an effort to decrease the achievement gap. Our staff accepted the challenge enthusiastically as we implemented a newly aligned English Language Arts curriculum to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) that had been written solely by a team of in-district teachers. The new curriculum ...more »

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Boston Teacher Leadership Summit

Creating Exemplar Units: Collaboration to Support our lowest ELL students

The number of immigrants arriving in Boston continues to increase and thus, our responsibility to serve our ELL students is at an all time high. Concurrently, we also have the responsibility to support our students mastery over the CCSS. Although these two trends exist, there is both a lack of conversation about what it means to teach mastery of the CCSS to very low ELL students (ELD levels 1, 2, and 3) and a lack of ...more »

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