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National Board as a framework for a Professional Learning Community in urban schools

National Board Certification can be the foundation for Professional Learning Communities in schools. Establishing a truly shared model of Professional Practice—created and implemented by teachers within one organization—is critical for developing a school-wide culture of rigor and professional growth, especially one that benefits all students and helps build the instructional practice of teachers. Simultaneously, the ...more »

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Fall 2014 Campaign

Creating Interschool PLC's for "single teacher" subjects like physics

As a physics teacher, I spend too many PLC days joining another group because I'm the only physics teacher in the school. A better use of my time, I believe, would be to meet with other physics teachers in an interschool PLC setting.


It seems like a simple idea but we are not doing it in our district. Suggestions from those who have implemented a cross school PLC?

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Fall 2014 Campaign

Collaborating Cross-Content

While Professional Learning Communities can be a wonderful tool, they often focus on collaboration between teachers of similar content-areas or grade levels. In a landscape where literacy and problem-solving skills are important for every content area, teachers gain so much insight by collaborating with "un-common" partnerships. Using the Common Core literacy and mathematical standards, teachers can collaborate to provide ...more »

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