Boston Teacher Leadership Summit

More and Better Learning Time for Middle Schools

Our urban middle school implements a co-teach model for our students in grades 6, 7, & 8. Our 6th grade team utilizes a modified version of both RTI and "More and Better Learning Time" to reach struggling learners in math, reading in the content areas, and written expression. We would like to share how we incorporate a variety of teaching techniques, scaffolded lessons, activities, and projects. In addition we will share ...more »

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Fall 2014 Campaign

The Fight to Save At-Risk Texas Students: Educator Training

In late July 2014, Texas came under criticism after a report released by the U.S. Department of Education for the state's rankings on special education services. Many one of the greatest struggles in our classrooms today is reaching students with special needs and at-risk students. According information published by the Texas Education Association, one of the key tools to improving drop out rates is providing educators ...more »

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Fall 2014 Campaign

Root Cause for Defining Intervention Practices

Over the last several years, teachers have come far in their ability to analyze data, pull out related information about student performance, and begin to dig into those students who are not meeting proficiency. Schools have done an amazing job of developing instructional coaches, interventionists, and intervention classes to help remediate those needs. Yet, where it always seems to fall short is aligning the appropriate ...more »

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