Boston Teacher Leadership Summit

The Learning Project: Using a Teacher Designed Program to Grow Other Teacher-Lead Ideas

We have been given a unique opportunity to create a project based learning school for seniors in our district. This half day program, called the Learning Project, (which began in 2013) integrates math, physics, economics, government, and English through real world projects. In this program the students are developing skills of verbal and written communication, personal agency, collaboration, project management, and ...more »


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Summer 2014 Campaign

Teachers Input on Policy

Teachers have so many frustrations with a variety of aspects of education. Teachers should take more control of their own profession. This requires us to be more knowledgable about policy at federal, state, and district levels and to learn how we can give input on policy and work to influence it. I am doing a fellowship at US ED this year and would love to bring teachers in on a regular basis to see what ED does and ...more »


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