Winter Campaign

Hybrid roles to support teachers and administration

I have begun discussions with my central administration about creating hybrid positions within the district in order to help support a number of different initiatives that we have on-going. For instance, we are piloting a teacher evaluation system this year, and it goes live next school year. Between the administrators also having a new evaluation program, there is simply not enough capacity to support teachers learning ...more »


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Boston Teacher Leadership Summit

Teaching to Lead: Expanding Teacher-led Leadership Development in Boston Public Schools

Since 2010, teacher leaders in the Boston Public Schools have supported each other to strengthen their leadership skills through the Boston Teacher Leadership Certificate (BTLC) program. Now, in 2014, the district has made a renewed commitment to eliminating access and achievement gaps. In this context, the leadership capacity of BTLC program participants stands to serve as a significant asset. Today many students ...more »


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Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

Fostering Collaboration: The Role of Teacher Leaders in Building Level Curricular Change

Implementing adaptive curricular change, from truly understanding new standards like CCSS or NGSS or a new instructional model like PBL, is a very challenging cognitive task for teachers. At its best, that change should inspire teachers to reconsider their views on successful teaching and learning and also confront their own educational biases. This kind of work can't happen without support, engagement and encouragement ...more »


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