Spring Campaign

Hands on STEM Teacher Training via YouTube

Lead STEM teachers by doing their own experiments and posting themselves on YouTube during summer monthly PD sessions to experience first hand. Teachers overcome their experiment fear and do simple demonstrations with confidences. The videos may also be used as open ended videos on demonstration steps. Confidence is the number one priority for STEM teachers do hands on experiments inquiry demonstrations along with time ...more »

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City: Jacksonville

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Boston Teacher Leadership Summit

Data Inquiry: Making DataWise a Sustainable, Teacher-Led Initiative District-Wide

In districts across the country, teachers are inundated with student data. While a powerful tool for teaching and learning, student data in vast quantities can be challenging and time-consuming to navigate. Moreover, data analysis does not automatically transform classrooms: without honest reflection, rich collaboration, focus on results, and mutual accountability, student learning outcomes will not improve. Teachers ...more »

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Boston Teacher Leadership Summit

Exploration of Teacher Leadership as a Pathway to Teacher and Student Learning

This Teacher Leadership Idea explores the school-wide implementation of inquiry-constructivism as an authentic pedagogy offered in high school mathematics and science classrooms through teacher-leader teams. Inquiry, as defined here, is the instructional practice of sustained teacher-facilitated questioning which fosters authentic student engagement and intrinsic motivation (Stohl, 2010). More specifically, ...more »

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