Winter Campaign

Engines of Change: NBCT State and National Professional Learning Teams

Let's elevate the role of NBCTs by creating professional learning teams in every state. NBCTs would work with state departments of education, the U.S. Department of Education, and other organizations to design and deliver professional growth initiatives for teachers in their state. NBCT teams, called Engines of Change, would consult with counties, districts, and school sites to support professional learning in America's ...more »


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Boston Teacher Leadership Summit

Engaging NBCTs as Leaders for Student Growth & School Improvement Using Online Coaching

National Board Certified Teachers are trained as virtual coaches for Resident Teachers in years 1-3 using a private, local TEAMS platform on TeachingChannel.org. The goals of this program include: to enhance and to develop the practice of the untenured teachers so that they become more effective, address their formal evaluations with confidence and professionalism, learn to navigate the complicated and complex teaching ...more »


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Fall 2014 Campaign

Instructional Coaches in Every Building

Every school should have one or more "master" teachers as full time, on-site support for faculty. These master teachers would be tasked with helping colleagues reflect on and improve practice. This would be a full time endeavor that would involve being in classrooms and meeting with teachers all day. These teachers would not have to teach classes of their own, but might team teach with colleagues both for coaching purposes ...more »


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Summer 2014 Campaign

National Board Certification in the Bronx

With support from their administrations, a group of National Board Certified Teachers will mentor their colleagues through the board certification process in 6 schools in the Hunts Point neighborhood of the south Bronx. With a focus on content knowledge and differentiation in instruction, this group of diverse elementary, middle, and high school teachers will collectively improve their practice in order to improve student ...more »


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