Winter Campaign

The Whole Educator

NJ ASCD believes in order to provide a full service experience where children and families needs are met on a daily basis, the entire teacher must be fulfilled, too. Perseverance must play a significantly central role in an educator’s life in order to meet the needs of the whole child. A healthy teacher becomes a lifelong learner and leader. A whole teacher better models and supports a whole child and their family. NJ ...more »

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City: Flemington

State: New Jersey


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Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

Engage Students with Social Media

Today's students do not engage in the world in the same format as most teachers. They engage in the world and with peers through social media. Their conversations happen through Twitter, stories through Snapchat, chronically adventures through Instagram, and expressing well developed thoughts through Tumblr blogs. This is something many teachers and schools are unused to and shy away from. Instead, we think Teacher ...more »

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City: Woodbridge

State: Virginia


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Fall 2014 Campaign

Teach Like Me

Schools across the country are adversely affected by teacher shortages . In response, I have created the Teach Like Me Campaign. The Teach Like Me Campaign's main goal is to improve teacher recruitment and retention by redefining public perceptions of the teaching profession. We will accomplish this with three main components: First, we encourage teachers to speak more positively about our profession. We ask teachers ...more »

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Fall 2014 Campaign

Early Childhood Blog Let's Share!

I have recently worked with my State to develop lesson plan samples for Early Childhood Education. After presenting the resources to the teachers of my district, there is a great need for more support of Head Start, Public and Daycare providers in La regarding planning lessons under the ACT 3 legislature. I would like to create a Blog/website where lesson plans, and ideas could be posted and shared with caregivers and ...more »

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City: Metairie

State: Louisiana


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Fall 2014 Campaign

The Beginning Teacher Network

A professional learning team centered around better retaining, supporting, and accelerating beginning teachers in the areas of professional development, cross-curricular collaboration, and educator activism. Networks would be school-system based, with an annual state (and possibly national) conference. Monthly face-to-face forums would allow opportunities for professional networking and provided training on applicable ...more »

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City: Raleigh

State: North Carolina


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