Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

Teacher Leader in Residence Program

Establish a teacher leader who would teach part time and spend the rest of the time at the Colorado Department of Education as a Teacher Leader in Residence (TLR). The TLR would establish a cadre of teachers from around the state whom would work with CDE to write, implement, and sustain education policy that impacts teachers. The cadre of teachers would geographically represent teachers in all content areas and from all ...more »


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Summer 2014 Campaign

Connecticut's Teacher-Leader in Residence Hybrid Role

I have had the unique opportunity of splitting my time between teaching at my school and serving as a Teacher-Leader in Residence at the Connecticut State Department of Education. In this hybrid role, I have been able to work alongside policy leaders making decisions that impact public education while reflecting on my classroom practice and representing teachers and students at the state level. As a Teacher-Leader in ...more »


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