Winter Campaign

Instructional Round Playground: Identifying Excellence in Educational Practice

Our new teachers meet with instructional coaches for five seminars outside of the school day in their first year. This year, we incorporated what I call "Instructional Round Playground." This is how it works. We show our new teachers a portion of a Teaching Channel video. Then, as if we were taking part in an instructional round together, we focus on identifying examples of excellence in teaching. It's amazing what ...more »

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Winter Campaign

Guide Teachers in Personal Reflection Through Use of Video

Though recent years have seen tremendous progress toward collaboration and sharing ideas between teachers, whether with grade-level teams, content-alike teams, district or personal learning networks, teachers still struggle with how they can implement what they learn in their room with their students. When teachers are practicing something new, whether it's an instructional practice, behavior management technique, technology ...more »

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Boston Teacher Leadership Summit

The Flipped Classroom

In the Flipped Classroom the onus of learning is placed back on students. Teachers are able to spend more of their precious classroom time on intervention, correcting common misconceptions, and individualizing student achievement. Traditional homework is replaced with videos, where the students are introduced to a new topic or concept (led by the teacher), and answer questions embedded within the video. Typically videos ...more »

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Fall 2014 Campaign

Let's Shift Our Focus From Student Test Scores to the Act of Teaching!

We propose a shift. School improvement efforts across the country are focusing on teacher evaluation, new student standards, and improved student assessment systems. We agree that each of these taken together has the possibility to improve schools. Their potential impact, however, is diminished greatly in the absence of work to also support concentrated teacher learning. We propose a shift from primarily examining student ...more »

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