Winter Campaign

Aligning Preschool Curriculum With Common Core Instruction and Assessment

In September 2012 our public preschool teachers and administrators began the process of aligning all aspects of our preschool programming with the Pre-K Framework for English Language Arts & Literacy and Mathematics Incorporating the Common Core State Standards. Although in the beginning our work focused on redesigning our preschool curriculum for children who are three – four years old, over time it expanded to include... more »


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Boston Teacher Leadership Summit

Connecting with the Early Learning Community

We know that many children enter kindergarten already behind. We also know that students who perform at grade level by third grade have a much higher chance of graduating from high school prepared for college, career, and citizenship. It's time we connect with the early learning community to align our work with children and families as they transition from the PreK to K-12 systems, in order to provide every child with... more »


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