Winter Campaign

Using iPads to increase Higher Level Thinking Skills

I have been in charge of piloting five iPads in my resource room setting for the past three years. Due to the testing scores my students received, my principal bought 40 more iPads. I have spent numerous hours independently investigating ways to best use iPads at the elementary level to reach the top of Blooms Taxonomy. As my iPad use has expanded so have my views on how to use iPads as tools towards higher level thinking, ...more »

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Boston Teacher Leadership Summit

Elementary Science (K-5) and the STAAR

The basic foundation of my Teacher Leadership Idea is encouraging academic growth in the area of science in elementary. More importantly, the successful collaboration of teachers in grades 3 through 5. In the state of Texas, students in public education are assessed in fifth grade in science, math and reading. Much emphasis is placed on both reading and math at a very young age, but science (as well as social studies) ...more »

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Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

Game Based Mathematics in a Rural Setting: a summer community partnership for elementary students grades 2-5

With school budgets tight, many school districts have cut summer school remediation and enrichment programs completely from the educational landscape. In Mesa County, Colorado, we have experienced massive budget shortfalls during the past five years. During this time, Mesa County Valley School District #51 lost its summer school programming. Many students in the rural communities of Mesa County no longer had access to ...more »

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