Winter Campaign

Using Peer Observers to Support Educator Effectiveness and Leadership

Educator to Educator feedback on teaching and learning is an effective tool for increasing educator effectiveness, for both the peer educator and observed educator, and supports educator leadership through the identification of peer educators. Our idea supports the use of peer educators, as Qualified Peer Observers (QPOs), to provide feedback to our educators who are on peer observation portion of a two year educator... more »


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Summer 2014 Campaign

Collaborative Curriculum Team Building

My district, like so many others, is changing our entire curriculum pre-K to 6th grade. I am currently set to pilot a new math program along with two teachers from each grade level. A different program is set to be piloted by 6 teachers for each grade level. Little to no training has been scheduled. I will create a virtual platform space where vertical articulation can occur across the grade levels to better assist the... more »


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