Winter Campaign

Guide Teachers in Personal Reflection Through Use of Video

Though recent years have seen tremendous progress toward collaboration and sharing ideas between teachers, whether with grade-level teams, content-alike teams, district or personal learning networks, teachers still struggle with how they can implement what they learn in their room with their students. When teachers are practicing something new, whether it's an instructional practice, behavior management technique, technology... more »


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Boston Teacher Leadership Summit

Reflective Teachers Teaching Reflective Students

Reflection is the core skill for both good teaching and personal growth. Teachers who reflect on their successes and failures can thrive even in difficult classroom situations. They can grow to become masterful educators and touch hundreds of minds. The same is true of anyone - if we can reflect on what went well and what could have gone differently, we grow, we evolve, and we become better people and members of our community.... more »


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Fall 2014 Campaign

Increase Student Achievement without Increasing Workload

Non-consequential competition led to average annual reading score lexile gains of 350 compared to 300 seen the previous 3 years; a new record of 2,000,000 words read by 1 student in 1 year was set, and one class achieved the highest lexile increase division wide (a first for ESL). My students read so much that I had to buy new books. (The local Rotary Club provided a $500.00 grant.)--with minimal prep time and no additional... more »


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