Denver Teacher Leadership Summit


A STRATEGIC AGENDA Based on the input so far, a strategic agenda slowly but surely fills with the following points: 1. Bridging the gap between management and the base. Management and "the trenches" should be connected (role reversal, hybrid roles, distributed leadership, change agency). 2. Approaching teachers and school staff in a holistic way: have an eye for the professional, but also for the person behind the professional. Consciously connect professional growth with personal growth. 3. Organizing learning from and with each other within and between schools (professional learning lab or community, partnerships, platforms, master teachers, culture of trust and support, data-driven dialogues). In Finland, the teacher is also researcher, so academic reflection is an essential part of his profession. 4. Integrating technology effectively in the primary process and professional development. 5. Preparing young people for society – curricular & extra-curricular (pockets of excellence, 21st century skills, paradigm shift). 6. Preparing teachers for the actual and coming generations (inclusive classroom, paradigm shift). In Finland all teaching is inclusive. 7. Connecting outside with inside (jumpstart, field trip, cross border, cross cultural, paradigm shift, education 2020). All in all a richly filled agenda that calls for elaboration. A strategic agenda that is not only very timely in the United States but also in Europe (in my case the Netherlands).



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