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Teacher leaders need to be advocates for demonstrating that ALL children CAN learn when in the right environment. We need to stop looking at poverty as the reason we perform low on national tests in STEM disciplines. We need to overcome the obstacles by adopting norms that no matter what, our children will learn.


It begins in our teacher preparation programs. There are so many inconsistencies between the states and the rigor it takes to become a teacher. In some states it is prestigious; in others anyone can earn a teaching certificate. There should a demanding set of standards for colleges of education to become accredited. Future teachers should be thoroughly prepared with many hours in a classroom. Treat teacher preparation like medical school: teachers complete four years of coursework and 2 years of a paid residency.


Future and current teachers should be trained on a growth mindset. Learning the proper way to praise a student or provide feedback is critical in the success of that child. Praise students for how hard they work instead of how smart they are.


Professional Learning We need training on our content, pedagogy and how to use assessments as tools to plan instruction. We learn all of these things while in college and then are not expected to revisit our methods. We should be masters of the content we are teaching so we know how to dig deeper and what questions we should be asking.

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