Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

Advancing Student Centered Instruction: Becoming a Facilitator

Year after year, both qualitative and quantitative data suggests students necessitate ample opportunities to speak, read and write so as to build those twenty-first century skills the real world demands. It’s no surprise, then, that Common Core highlights instructional shifts that require reformed approaches. The exchange and synthesizing of concepts, building on knowledge with opportunities for intervention as well as growth are all components that Cycles underscore. Cycles is an interdisciplinary teaching methodology created by one teacher and perfected by the input and application of teachers from various contents. Cycles highlight formative and summative assessments along with student self-monitoring, stations fueled with collaborative learning techniques, differentiated activities and tasks, independent practice as well as rescue opportunities for struggling students. Cycles shift teaching paradigms from knowledge giver to learning facilitator, forming crucial opportunities for small group conferencing, monitoring, and modeling in relevant ways. Advancing student centered instruction, consequentially, means developing forward-looking instructional environments that will generate independent learners. In turn, Cycles in an invitation for a unique opportunity in which practitioners might congregate, converse and advance work done to promote what Common Core presses teachers to implement: student centered instruction.



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