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After School Teachers Fellowship

As a school gets bigger, the number of teachers grows as well. As the size of the staff becomes bigger and the school focus stays on student learning, building a meaningful relationship among teachers can be neglected and compromised. This can eventually create problems as the staff works with one another because they do not have any understanding of each other’s idiosyncrasies or life stories prior to working together and solving problems; miscommunication and misunderstanding can happen more easily, which could have been avoided if they had personal connections.


One of the solutions to build a stronger community among teachers is to have a regular get together. The purpose of the meeting is to develop a healthy partnership with one another through a variety of activities such as discussing reading materials, listening to each other’s joys and struggles, and exercise simple yoga, etc. This fellowship can happen every other week for about an hour in a classroom after school for all who are interested in getting to know each other and strengthening their relationship with one another. The host teacher would change for each meeting to share the leadership role and practice equality. The main structure of the fellowship maintains but the activities would vary as the host teacher varies which showcases the assets of individual teacher.



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