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Aligning Preschool Curriculum With Common Core Instruction and Assessment

In September 2012 our public preschool teachers and administrators began the process of aligning all aspects of our preschool programming with the Pre-K Framework for English Language Arts & Literacy and Mathematics Incorporating the Common Core State Standards. Although in the beginning our work focused on redesigning our preschool curriculum for children who are three – four years old, over time it expanded to include much more.


In addition to updating our preschool curriculum we have also created/implemented a standards based preschool report card, identified/implemented common preschool ELA/Math assessments, participated in monthly data team meetings, improved our teaching practice through both the learning walkthrough and lesson study process, designed/implemented an Instructional Support Team process and written/implemented student learning /professional practice goals aligned with our preschool program work as part of the Educator Evaluation Process.


With renewed nationwide focus on critical academic and social skills developed during early childhood we have shared our work with surrounding public and private preschools. Based on positive feedback regarding our work we are confident that sharing our accomplishments through the Boston Leadership Summit would allow us to continue to improve our efforts to advance student learning at our school while also expanding opportunities for preschool teacher leaders in other schools and districts to benefit from our work.

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