Boston Teacher Leadership Summit

Aligning Professional Development to Support Educator Evaluation

I am currently connecting a research study on the benefits of aligning professional development to the teacher evaluation system in order to improve instructional practice (and thus, student achievement).

The purpose of my study is to gather data regarding the alignment of professional development needs with a district’s teacher evaluation system. These district teacher evaluation data, along with information gained from the study’s needs assessment questionnaire and focus group interviews, will be used to develop a new professional development program for the educators in this district. This research will also be important for assisting educational leaders in making policy improvement and resource allocation decisions, which will impact programs, both immediately and in the near future.

The purpose of discussing this research project at the Boston Teach To Lead Summit, is to gather other perspectives and interpretations of the data, to elicit information about how other districts are planning professional development and using teacher evaluations to inform practice.

Additionally, I can explain the steps my district has taken thus far and what we are anticipating for the near future.



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