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Like students, teachers are being assessed with a one-size fits all mentality. Not all classrooms are balanced in terms of ability, income, language proficiency, emotional stability, and behaviors to name a few. Yet, teachers need to reach the same levels of achievement whether their students attend 180 days a year or 80 days a year.


Many classrooms have disproportionate percentages of student demographics and needs. For example, one class may have 4% low income and another 60%. Or, one teacher is perceived to do well with behavior and therefore has 30% of class with behavior problems. These classrooms in general will not perform as well.


I am proposing a more thorough, and yes time consuming, method of student placement that takes into account all variables affecting the learning of students. Teachers should at least have the benefit of a balanced class at the beginning of the year to attempt to show effectiveness in teaching.


This process should begin with current teachers blindly placing their students with administrators coming in after with the data required to make sure that students are evenly distributed.


All students need role models and when the classes are stacked often times, the students who would benefit the most from roles models are denied them.

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