Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

Breaking Down the Dam-Letting the Continuity Flow from Kindergarten to 8th grade with NGSS

From Kindergarten through 8th grade, we are seeing gaps in science knowledge and skills. Teachers will help teachers shore up these gaps with NGSS-inspired integrated lessons, utilizing language arts and math. Teachers from our middle school and 3 feeder elementaries will benefit from collaborating in PLC’s to form a unified instruction plan to better support students on their way to high school. Eight hours of teacher training plus PLC time will be packed with strategies, labs, and resources that will go back into classrooms to boost student engagement, enhanced science writing and math skills and increased student achievement.We will facilitate four professional learning events from February through May: Reading/Writing in Science,Engaging students in Math & Science, Career/College Readiness & STEM,Teaching Science with Technology.Meetings will include hands-on training with time for teacher discussion.Teachers will help drive the discussions and training through their input.



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