Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

By Teachers for Teachers: Engaging Colorado Educators as the Creators of 21st Century Curricula

In workshops conducted over the past two years, 2000-plus teachers, representing 121 school districts, created and refined curriculum for 10 content areas of the new Colorado Academic Standards (CAS). Precedent setting, Colorado’s District Sample Curriculum Project (DSCP) represents a grassroots effort to build the capacity of educators to support the whole-child, “all students, all standards” principles and intentions of the CAS. To date, educators from 116 Colorado school districts have been involved in all three phases of the Project; authoring and/or refining the curriculum sequencing maps and instructional unit samples. Colorado educators have voluntarily given their time and offered their expertise in service to a project designed to support all teachers in the transition to new academic standards. Representing the full cross-section and diversity of the state, teachers from districts with less than one hundred students worked alongside teachers from Colorado’s largest metropolitan-area districts. Engaging teachers as the authors of Colorado’s first-ever curriculum samples was and is as important to the success of the project as the availability and nature of the samples themselves. Educators across the state are the driving force behind this project, creating all the curriculum samples produced. Moreover, the samples and the templates on which they are based represent tools that teachers and schools can use when developing locally specific standards-based curriculum.



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