Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

Changing School Climate; A Collaborative Journey: Teachers and Principal Unite For REAL CHANGE

The successful transformation of a high poverty low achieving, graffiti covered school to an award winning welcoming educational environment! The collaboration between a principal with a clear vision of shared leadership and teacher leaders willing to step into major leadership roles. This journey began 7 years ago with a new approach to behavior utilizing the Positive Behavior Intervention System in tandem with a School Improvement Team that meets weekly to implement new ideas and dream of changes to create positive educational environment in which students will thrive. Advisory classes meet daily to support students. Academic achievement and student growth is publicly recognized and celebrated every quarter with all-school assemblies and the entire staff is invited to select one student to honor during a culminating ceremony at the end of each year. The collaboration and shared leadership between administration and teachers fuels and sustains the change so that the School Improvement Plan is a living, changing document and the entire staff has input on every major initiative.



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