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Charter School Collegiate Cohort Program

Our charter school mission is “to work together with families in a partnership of teachers, staff and community members to provide an individualized learning environment that fosters high achievement in core and elective areas, preparing students for life-long success.” In partnership with certified teachers, families customize students’ educational plans - which may include students being dual enrolled with universities in our city.

A team of three teachers, our principal and the University of Alaska, Anchorage are developing a collaborative vision to formalize a program with our charter school for these individual students who are dual enrolled in college - their college coursework, if in alignment, being simultaneously applied to their high school graduation requirements.

Our vision is that we design a pilot program that is structured well, so that in the future, it may be applied district-wide. We envision preparing these individual students well for their success in college, enabling them to continue on to complete their Bachelor of Arts or Science degrees immediately after high school graduation – thereby, giving them a head start.

The vision includes the possibility for approval of a certain number of seats set aside in general requirement courses for these dual enrolled students. Part of our dream is an available space on the university campus to serve as a home base for our dual enrolled students where certified teachers would support them.



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