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Classroom Connections: Creating opportunities for peer observation trending idea

Every day there are amazing things happening in our classrooms. One of my goals is to ensure that there are opportunities for my teachers to observe one another, share strategies, and collaborate. I would often hear talk of peers wanting to observe one another but rarely was there ever follow through.


My instructional coach and I created "Classroom Connections", the opportunity for our teachers to make a connection with a colleague. Using a google doc, teachers can either share what they're wondering, what they'd like to learn more about and what they're interested in observing or what they're comfortable teaching and would like to share with colleagues.

Then the critical piece - Teachers make a plan by scheduling a day and time for the observation to take place and consider any needs such as coverage for classrooms, time to reflect after the observation, etc...


We have seen teachers take advantage of "Classroom Connections" and continue to search for ways to improve. It is my hope that this session will introduce this model to participants, but more importantly, bring a group of educators together to share ideas for improving it!

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