Winter Campaign

Clear Path to Leadership

I know the responsibilities of school administration are endless and they are always working on improving school environment and student achievement, but what happens to career development for teachers? To further clarify, I’m not referring to another professional development or post observation conference, I’m talking about your goals in this profession and how one can be of assistance on your journey.


I remember reading an article on school leadership and the importance of having someone you can mentor. It was a really powerful article about how successful principals pass on their wealth of knowledge to teachers who would like to be in their profession. After reading this article, I approached my principal, set up an appointment and mapped out a path for my goals. She gave me guidance on what master programs to apply for, how much time I would be investing into these programs and ways to implement myself into leadership roles around the school among other things.


I am very lucky to have a principal that is willing to mentor me through the process of becoming a leader; but that also made me wonder how many other teachers in my building have the same goals, but don’t know how to go about accomplishing them? I propose that an administrator, not limited to school buildings, have an open mentorship program for those that that are interested. It could be a year-long or multi-year program depending on the availability and willingness of both parties.



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