Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

Coaching and Mentoring of New and Experienced Teachers: Innovating and Diminishing the Stigma with Observation and Coaching

Observations and feedback in education have gotten a “stigma” in education. Either teachers find that it’s done too often, not enough, or that it isn't representative of their work. What I would like to propose would be developing a program or training that would allow teacher leaders to take on some of the coaching and mentoring of both new teachers and experienced teachers looking to refine their practice.

Studies have shown that honest, timely feedback is one of the top ways to improve quality instruction in teachers, yet many teachers would claim that this kind of feedback is inconsistent or not given. By meeting with other teacher leaders in the country, I feel that we could brainstorm, problem-solve, and develop ways in which to train other leaders in the country on being able to provide this feedback in a non-intrusive way that would be lower stress than only having administrators fill this role.

Furthermore, making this kind of mentoring and coaching service respected and desired by the teachers is one way to help better the practice of educators everywhere.



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