Summer 2014 Campaign

Collaborative Curriculum Team Building

My district, like so many others, is changing our entire curriculum pre-K to 6th grade. I am currently set to pilot a new math program along with two teachers from each grade level. A different program is set to be piloted by 6 teachers for each grade level. Little to no training has been scheduled. I will create a virtual platform space where vertical articulation can occur across the grade levels to better assist the teachers piloting the materials.


As resources are found they can be shared and problems or challenges can be overcome through collaboration. One teacher has used the program as an intervention tool and has a wealth of knowledge on how to implement it. Another teacher has seen the program from the parent side since her son uses it in his school.


The virtual platform will allow for improved communication among those working with the new materials. It will also help inform our feedback to the district in a very cohesive and comprehensive manner.


This will be an internal group but perhaps it can be expanded to others piloting the same program in other districts.


I will put in place a few guidelines such as a minimum number of responses to ensure equal representation across the grades and participants.



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