Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

Creating a Teacher-led Dream School

In an effort to start a new school that provides the type of education being advocated by education reformers like Tony Wagner, Sir Ken Robinson, and Daniel Pink, I am preparing a charter application for Da Vinci High School which will provide an opportunity for students to discover their passions and pursue them. In much the same way as students, Da Vinci will provide opportunities for teachers to discover and pursue their own passions and will serve as a pipeline for future teacher leaders. Da Vinci will be a teacher led school where between nine and ten teachers will serve in hybrid roles, teaching a half load of classes and fulfilling an administrative position the other half. The faculty will be balanced with these teachers; new teachers, preferably from schools using the new edTPA program who, while needing mentoring, will bring new ideas to the school; and slightly more experienced teachers who are eager to grow in their profession. Ultimately, we will provide a pipeline from internship to teacher leadership in the charter school system and back into the public education system.



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