Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

Creating learning management systems that provide just in time professional development electronically for 24/7 access

I want to develop a system for teacher-leaders to use when designing PD opportunities for staff, including support staff and administrators in addition to teachers. I find that teachers know when they are ready to take on new learning and should have control of the pacing of the learning. On-site PD helps the day of the presenting, but it would be nice to have a way to have ongoing practice with the new learning in a virtual environment where teachers can continue to learn and do extension activites to take their new learning to the next step. I want to capture the enthusiasm that new learning brings. This idea includes developing the needs assessment to ask the right questions and a mechanism for getting information from staff that do not complete online assessments. The pre-assessment needs to take into account that not every teacher is comfortable using technology and that their voices really need to be heard because they have valid concerns when they are working with devices that they are unfamiliar with or the students know more about the technology in the classroom than the teacher.


Another piece to this idea is collaborating with teachers around the US and globally to find appropriate content that meets the PD needs of public school staffs. Creating a sharing mechanism through the use of Google Apps for Ed, Office 365, iCloud, or another platform would be a great discussion piece. I feel that teachers have the knowledge and we can lead to them to curate the PD.



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