Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

Cultivating Quality Teachers: The Problems of Practice (POP) Fellowship

Many successful, experienced teachers love teaching but also look for opportunities for leadership outside the classroom that allow them to keep teaching. They are problem-solvers who think critically about what they don’t know and how that affects their practice. These teachers want to lead and share their inquiry with their colleagues, but do not want to become administrators.


What if these teachers had the opportunity to dig deep into one of these problems of practice?


Through the Problems in Practice (POP) Fellowship selected teachers would spend a year addressing a critical pedagogical issue that full-time teaching immerses them in but rarely allows the time to deeply consider.


What could this look like?


Working under the guidance of a sponsoring institution and mentor, a POP Fellow could engage in action research, contribute to the latest findings on critical pedagogical issues, provide professional development to colleagues, act as a "connector" within their community.


A returning POP Fellow would have a multiplier effect, returning to their schools rejuvenated and as a professional development resource for their education community at many levels. They would stimulate other teachers to think critically about their teaching. Experience leading professional development experience would sharpen their skills as a teacher, coach and leader.


Good teachers love teaching. The POP Fellowship allows to expand their understanding of what that means.



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