Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

Developing Teachers as Leaders in their Classroom, School, District & Profession

A Master's level certificate graduate program that combines course work and clinical experience that leads teachers to develop proficiencies as teachers in their classrooms and as a leaders in their profession. This program has state approval; teachers completing the certificate portion of the program will be eligible to apply for Tier III state certification when that becomes officially active.

The program delivers extraordinary teaching & learning opportunities for teachers as they enhance & extend their skills as practitioners in the classroom through classroom audits, self-examination of teaching proficiencies, development of unit & lesson designs in their content and grade level areas and engagement in a self-study based on the 5 Foci of A. Samaras (2010). The concurrent course work includes opportunities for teachers to examine their leadership style and capabilities and to engage in clinical/practice leadership experiences in their school and district. They examine and analyze reform initiatives in their district and begin to explore the systems of change in education and how they can take on leadership roles to collaboratively participate in reform processes in their school and district.

All requirements and assessments for the program connect to state standards for Teacher Leadership and reflect authentic and actual work they are involved in within their classroom, school, & district. Evaluations of the program by participants have been extraordinary.



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