Fall 2014 Campaign

Distributed Leadership Teams in Schools

Schools and districts need to find better ways to increase teacher motivation, retain highly-skilled teachers and increase student achievement. Creating distributed leadership teams within schools may be one way to do that.


These teams would transcend your grandmother’s “committee”—instead, distributed leadership teams would have actual decision-making authority. Districts and schools would have to be willing to give teachers that authority, but in return they would cultivate (and retain) more invested and empowered teachers.


Distributive leadership teams give teachers the opportunity to pool their ideas and expertise to have real impact without leaving the work they do in their classrooms.


A single school could include several teams, focusing on areas like student discipline, professional development, or teacher evaluation. With these teams in place, administrators can maximize their own impact while organizing and evaluating the work of their teacher-leaders.


Distributed leadership teams could give skilled teachers a reason to stay, not only in their districts or at their schools, but in their classrooms, helping students achieve at high levels.



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