Boston Teacher Leadership Summit

Engaging Young Educators to Lead and Solve Problems

There is a need to have young educators engage in their profession early on in their career (first 10 years of teaching) to help solve issues facing education today. They will have been in education long enough to identify the issues and have opinions, but rarely been given the opportunity to help solve them. Research shows that if teachers have opportunity to lead and participate in decision making they will have better job satisfaction and provide better learning environments for their students.

NYS ASCD will be the lead organization to create opportunities for young educators to share conversation and identify best practices. We will utilize a case competition model where participants strive to develop the best solution to a presented problem, within an allocated time frame. Teams will utilize a case study model framing the problem, solving the problem, supporting their recommendation and presenting a clear and compelling strategy.

We would like to start with the all all-too-entrenched notion that the humanities and the STEM disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics are mutually exclusive. New York State teachers would come together, be given the problem and then follow the case competition format to derive strategies on how schools can merge these together to provide a more comprehensive educational environment. The event will last two days and participants will be invited based on a recommendation by a leader in their school district.



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