Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

Engaging in Peer Learning through Teaching Labs

The first year of the project will focus on assembling and training a select group of educators that will lead the project and serve as Core Mentors in the follow years. This core group of exceptional leaders will undergo extensive training both that will address the standards, new assessments, text complexity and close reading through PLC style training. This team will serve in a collaborative mentoring role for all other educators in the building as this work continues to rollout over the course of three years. The second year of the project will focus on taking the work and learning done by the Core Mentors and expanding that to all classroom teachers through a series of professional development seminars and PLC work done using both grade level and vertical teams. The Core Mentors will facilitate the professional development, focusing on a deep understanding of the new standards, as well as in-depth work with theories around text complexity and close reading and the instructional modifications needed to implement these in the classroom. The third year of training will include a full rollout of the mentorship program as well as learning labs for teachers. All teachers will participate in at least three full coaching cycles with Core Mentors, gaining feedback and strategies to take back to their classrooms. Mentors will conduct three week coaching cycles, where they will provide support, modeling and specific suggestions for improvement.



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