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Engines of Change: NBCT State and National Professional Learning Teams

Let's elevate the role of NBCTs by creating professional learning teams in every state. NBCTs would work with state departments of education, the U.S. Department of Education, and other organizations to design and deliver professional growth initiatives for teachers in their state. NBCT teams, called Engines of Change, would consult with counties, districts, and school sites to support professional learning in America's classrooms. State teams would also collaborate on common issues to promote the profession and support practitioners. NBCT members of the Engines of Change teams could contribute in a multitude of ways including on the ground coaching and demonstrations, webinars and institutes with follow up support, curriculum design, authoring articles and resource books, maintaining an interactive online portal, contributing to university research projects, mentoring National Board candidates, and more! As models of innovation, Engines of Change members would bring sustainable and scalable improvements at every level of the educational system. Vote for Engines of Change today!

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