Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

Every Teacher is a Coach; Every Teacher is a Leader

Our school is fortunate enough to have given one of my colleagues and me the opportunity to work as instructional coaches for one class period. We have seen the coaching approach to instructional improvement benefit all of our coachees in that it gives them ownership over the topics we discuss. I propose extending this idea to training our entire staff in peer coaching to give them the power to help each other "own" school initiatives set forth by the school leadership team.


When every teacher feels empowered as a leader, which I believe can happen through peer coaching, teachers feel more satisfied, more effective, and have more ownership over the school-wide initiatives being implemented in their classrooms.


I believe that implementing peer coaching training with all of our teachers can help teachers see the reasoning behind and benefits of school-wide initiatives, take ownership over how they will be implemented in their classrooms, and feel like they are part of the process. This will move our staff from feeling like initiatives are handed to them "top down" to feeling like they are valued participants in the process.



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