Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

Expanding upon Differentiated Roles

My idea is to improve the Differentiated Roles. DR is a pilot program in Denver Public Schools DPS. The vision of DR is to increase distributive leadership, improve teacher retention, extend the reach of effective teachers, improve equitable access to effective teachers, and evaluate the profession. Evaluations are based on the Leading Effective Academic Practice LEAP framework. DR Team Leads have had intensive training around the LEAP framework.

First, teachers can opt in or out of having a DR Coach. Allowing teachers to opt in will enable the expertise of the coach to go to teachers that will truly learn and grow from it.

Second, teachers will be able to choose to have the same LEAP training as DR Team Leads, Peer Observers, and administrators. If teacher are offered the opportunity to dive deep into the evaluative framework, they will have a better understanding of what is expected. I can say that having a rich understanding of the framework has helped me to improve my teaching.

Finally, full transparency about DR should occur from the beginning. Form DR Team Lead qualifications, to the application process, training, schedule, etc. should be addressed by administration to the whole staff to create buy in. Schools should be be cohesive in their beliefs about students first.



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