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Global Connections: University and Public School Partnerships

Public schools are always in need of resources due to funding limitations. Massachusetts is a center of higher education institutions. Why can't public schools and Massachusetts higher education institutions work together to enrich the experience of students in our classrooms? Salem State University is now home for the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies. Dr. Christopher Mauriello is the Center's director and would like to expand the Center's resources into the Dracut Public Schools by creating a resource room in the Richardson Middle school that would serve not only to bring academic material into schools for student use but also resources to help social studies teachers teach the Holocaust and human rights. The resource room would also have interns from the college to maintain the room and provide professional development for teachers. It is vital to teach human rights to our students in our modern global society. This partnership between the Dracut Public Schools and Salem State University will help bring the resources of the college campus into the public school classroom and serve as a model for future partnerships for other universities and public school districts.



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