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Grading in the 21st Century

What would grading look like when assessing the 21st century skills such as collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking? Can this be done, will standard based grading need to happen, and if so how will schools, parents, and higher ed establishments adapt to this? 21st century skills are becoming part of the classroom especially in STEM. These skills are very important in becoming college and work ready. However, they are very hard to measure using the grading system that is utilized in classrooms now. If standard based grading was used, the skill could be assessed more accurately. Moving from a letter grading system to a number grading system would take a lot of getting used to by many people, and how would that look for students that are continuing on to college? Parents are always so interested in what their student received on a test or an assignment, not what skills they learned through the assessment or assignment. So, then a culture shift has to happen. That could prove to be very difficult and time consuming, but in my opinion something that could be very beneficial to students in the big scheme of things.



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